Our book fair program was developed to encourage reading while also raising money and/or free books and learning resources for your school or organization.
Fun, easy, and hassle free!

We understand the needs and challenges faced by organizations trying to raise funds, so we've designed a program to make it easy for you to reach your fundraising goals! Your school or organization receives up to 50% in FREE books and learning resources.

  1. FREE books - Up to 50% of retail sales in free books and learning resources.
  2. Books & Cash - Provides the host school with FREE books, learning resources, and cash for the library.
  3. Cash only - Fund special projects, teacher resources or extras for your students.

With Educational Services Representatives based throughout the country, your book fair partner is right around the corner and ready to work hard for you. You will be walked through your event from start to finish, making it pleasant and profitable for you, your students, and your school.

It's simple. We offer quality books —   period.

Our catalog of offerings is internationally acclaimed as the finest entertaining and educational children's books in the marketplace today. PaperPie Learning offers products including fiction, story books, activity books, learning resources, games, and more, making literacy and learning fun for kids of all ages. As a host school, you can choose from a wide range of subjects covering science, history, hobbies, nature, the arts and more.

Is there a better gift to give than the gift of literacy and learning? There's no better gift for your school or organization than a PaperPie Learning book fair event that promotes reading and pays you back in FREE books, learning resources, and/or cash.