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15 + Robot Builds
My 9 year old son has always loved taking things apart and re-assembling them.  He has had little electric robots in the past that are either too complicated, aren’t really customizable or just don’t work.  

This tiny robot is perfection! My son actually builds the robot into the robot of his choice (15+ choices) and it works so well! He’s also reading instructions as he’s building (shhh!). He made 5 different robots so far and hasn’t asked for help yet.  We highly recommend this for any child who loves building and creating!  
Date: 2/1/2023 6:19 AM
Just ok
I bought this for my robot and lego obsessed 6-year-old. He is very adept at following directions and constructing things independently, however, this kit was too tricky for him to do by himself. I found the instructions frustrating because depending on what you want to build, you may have to flip the page over to find the correct pieces EVERY step of the way. This is further complicated by very tiny pieces that my hotdog fingers found difficult to hold and manipulate. When my hands are holding all the pieces in place, how am I supposed to turn over the instruction page to see the next step?!

Once the robot was completed, my son enjoyed it but I felt like the battery died quickly.
Date: 3/12/2023 11:25 AM