Picture of Counting -  Level 1

Counting - Level 1

Publisher: Learning Wrap-Ups
LP-M101 $9.99
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Counting is the first math lesson a child receives. Counting toys, blocks and steps walked are all part of the basis for math. This set helps with counting by 1's, 2's, 5's and 10's, number words, ordinal numbers and counting backwards.

Includes 144 challenges: 12 cards with 12 challenges on each card. Each card is SELF-CORRECTING.

The cards develop counting skills in this order:
Card 1 - Counting fruits and vegetables 1-12
Card 2 - Counting dots on the dominoes 9-20
Card 3 - Using a grid to count 1-12
Card 4 - Counting by 10's, filling in the missing number 1-100
Card 5 - Placing the numbers around the clock 1-12
Card 6 - Counting by 2's as the bee visits the hives
Card 7 - Stepping one at a time on ordinal numbers
Card 8 - Sting beads to count by 5
Card 9 - Finding ordinal numbers for the picket fence
Card 10 - Hunting for the missing numbers, 13-98
Card 11 - Counting forward and backward
Card 12 - Using coins to count.

To be used in conjunction with the "Learning Palette Base", part number LP-B100. This card set does NOT include the Base.
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