What is an Internet-Linked book?

In the late 1990's, Usborne Books recognized the educational and entertainment value of the Internet and strove to link the power of the written word and the vast information available on the web together to enhance a reader's learning experience. In 2000, the very first Internet-Linked books were launched in the United States and the number of Internet-Linked and Internet-Referenced titles has grown each year.

Usborne Internet-Linked books serve as a gateway to knowledge for fact-hungry children. Visit Usborne Quicklinks (usborne.com/us/quicklinks) to enter the book and page number you are interested in learning more about. This site will provide you web addresses of safe, content appropriate websites you can visit to research a subject in a fun and informative way.

From Usborne's Young Beginner's Series to the Science Encyclopedia, there are Internet-Linked Usborne Books that are appealing and appropriate for all age ranges - early childhood through adult!

Downloadable quizzes, word searches, and activity sheets make learning a challenge. Amazing photographs, illustrations, and diagrams provide the child with additional information on any subject. The facts found through Quicklinks help a child to fully understand a new concept and will be very helpful with school papers, science fair projects, etc.

Recommended websites will change over time as new and improved sites become available.

A computer serves to provide an additional learning tool, however, it is not essential to fully enjoy Usborne Internet-Linked books

In an Internet-Linked book, the content of each double-page spread includes specific websites found at usborne.com/us/quicklinks. An Internet-Referenced book contains quicklink websites that pertain to the overall topic of the book.